Composed by Emmy® award winner Ashley Irwin, The Pardon’s lush soundtrack was recorded at Capitol Studios, and was conducted by Jack Eskew. From the moment the movie begins, you are swept into 1940’s Louisiana.


Ashley Irwin

Irwin’s contribution to the emotional impact of The Pardon is difficult to quantify. Adept at capturing the mood of even the most subtle changes in the characters, he has created a spectacular landscape of sonic intrigue and emotion. With Irwin’s formidable resume featuring award-winning soundtracks and musical direction, including the Academy Awards presentations in 1992, 1998 and 2003, as well as scores for Hereafter, Tangier and the 2010 Winter Olympics, Anton knew he was in great hands. Even so, Irwin’s score for The Pardon has exceeded even Anton’s highest hopes.

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